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The Progression of Arthritis

It used to be that age was related to a person’s lack of ability to stay in shape, so remaining fit was not generally expected of those progressing past their fourth decade. It was seen as a time when the body was expected to decline, but that is no longer true. Many people have taken the advice of researchers, medical professionals, and even the advertising of fitness clubs to keep their body in shape. They have learned that continuing to exercise as they age is a good way to remain healthier.

Arthritis was often a debilitating illness that confined people, and they did as little as possible to keep the pain away. Over the last half century, researchers have found that exercise is a good way to help alleviate the symptoms of this disease. Those who are older might get it as a matter of genetic inheritance, but it can also be caused by the stresses of normal life as people get older. Remaining in a stationary position is no longer seen as a way to deal with the it, and those who have it are working out their pain with exercise.

While exercise will not necessarily halt the progression of arthritis, it will help those suffering from it to remain active longer. The ability to keep moving is now seen as a way to avoid being a burden to loved ones, but it is also a way to alleviate the pain without the possibly debilitating effects of some medications. Living a healthier life through movement has many benefits, so patients are encouraged to push past the pain to gain them.

The natural aging process will continue to affect people, but the some of the most debilitating effects can be pushed further into the future with a regular course of exercise. It might be difficult at first, but the benefits will help people push their bodies to remain active.