Health and Aging

Health Improvements

A Better Fitness Program

Many people have their own idea of what exercise is best, but major life changes might make them decide it is time for a better...

Health Improvements

Exploring New Recipes

Nutrition is an important component of remaining healthy at any age, but it can affect the body much more when age has broken down its...

Health Improvements

The Progression of Arthritis

It used to be that age was related to a person’s lack of ability to stay in shape, so remaining fit was not generally expected...

Health Improvements

A Time to Dance

There are many forms of exercise that can be good for the body, and dance can be an excellent way to get in shape while...

Health Improvements

Regaining or Expanding Mobility

The process of ageing is one many people associate with an increasing lack of mobility, and some of them have helped it along with refusal...

Health Improvements

Attitude Adjustments

For those who watched their parents or grandparents decline rapidly once they retired, it can be difficult to approach their own time to leave a...

Health Improvements

Using a Positive Attitude

Depression can cause many symptoms that can keep a person from being able to overcome it, but research into diet and exercise have given clues...

Health Improvements

Exercise and Mobility

Working out the first few times often leaves people stiff and sore for a few days, and they may be convinced that they are doing...

Health Improvements

A Look at Diet

Healthy eating is not generally seen as enjoyable, but a look at diet can be part of a better life for those who have aged...

The baby boomer generation has controlled a great deal of how modern society has been shaped, and they have had a large impact on the study of health and aging. As they have progressed through life, many of those who study nutrition, exercise and the causes of disease have focused on their needs. Health and aging has always been important to those who research the progress of disease and aging in the body, but the advent of the baby boomer generation gave them a large pool of people to conduct their studies.

While there is still no way to reverse the aging process, modern scientists have found that any health conditions can be alleviated through diet and exercise. They do not have all the answers yet, but research is continuing in these areas. For those who have taken the time to follow much of the good advice available over the years, their retirement will be a healthier one where they can continue to function well for many more decades than their parents or grandparents.