Health and Aging

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The baby boomer generation has controlled a great deal of how modern society has been shaped, and they have had a large impact on the study of health and aging. As they have progressed through life, many of those who study nutrition, exercise and the causes of disease have focused on their needs. Health and aging has always been important to those who research the progress of disease and aging in the body, but the advent of the baby boomer generation gave them a large pool of people to conduct their studies.

While there is still no way to reverse the aging process, modern scientists have found that any health conditions can be alleviated through diet and exercise. They do not have all the answers yet, but research is continuing in these areas. For those who have taken the time to follow much of the good advice available over the years, their retirement will be a healthier one where they can continue to function well for many more decades than their parents or grandparents.